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Welcome to KitsFest!!

Thank you to all our partners, sponsors, athletes and YOU - our supporters, for making KitsFest Vancouver's hottest annual sports and healthy lifestyle festival! We've reinvested in community legacy upgrades in projects such as the Kits basketball, Kits tennis court renovations and Kits Beach palm trees. Let's continue to spread our passion for active living and healthy lifestyle and the amazing beauty of West Coast living!

If you wish to support this movement by volunteering or donating please contact us at the following

KitsFest Tennis and Multi-Sport


The Godfather of Kits Beach Volleyball


VTV @ KitsFest


Joy TV @ KitsFest

A History of KitsFest with Sonia

KitsFest & Global TV: Ryan Clark on Tennis

KitsFest & Global TV with Jim Clive on Volleyball

VTV @ KitsFest


KitsFest – Joy TV

KitsFest Novus TV Video

KitsFest Joy TV Video

KitsFest Video

Kits Beach Tennis Courts

Subway Commit 2 Fit

KitsFest BBall Promo

CityTV Breakfast TV

Beach VBall Action

KitsFest Beach Ice Hockey

Novus TV

KitsFest – Setup to Going Live

Novus TV

Novus TV

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