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The Canada One Athletic Foundation (founded 2000 as The Metro Vancouver Basketball Foundation), was initially launched to host Vancouver’s premier high school pre-season basketball tournament each December.

Since inception, the Foundation’s Board of Directors comprised of numerous Canadian Olympians, National Team members, Hall of Fame inductees, prominent civic leaders and exceptional staff members.

At the outset (and for 10 years), HSBC Bank, Canada  served as title sponsor of The Metro Vancouver HSBC Basketball Classic.

In 2010, the HSBC Basketball Classic became The Telus Basketball Classic and for 14 years The Classic enjoyed unprecedented community support, media coverage, participation and attendance.

Annually, over 100+ high school basketball teams competed for the opportunity to play their finals before a virtually ‘sold out’ crowd at UBC’s War Memorial Gymnasium.


Additionally, our Foundation actively insisted  The Basketball Classic be unique, and carefully instituted the inclusive rule that “all players must play in every game”.  The HSBC/Telus Basketball Classic also ensured that all team managers were eligible for all related scholarships. No MVP awards – only Most Outstanding Citizens were ever selected.

The Canada One Athletic Foundation  secured well over one million dollars ($1,000,000+), to support high school sports in B.C. – including awarding over eight-hundred-thousand dollars ($800,000),  in scholarships to graduating B.C. high school seniors. Shortly thereafterBasketball Alberta and The Calgary High School Athletic Association adapted a similar HSBC Classic template and since 2006, have hosted The Calgary Higher Hoops HSBC Basketball Classic, awarding additional post secondary scholarships to Alberta’s graduating seniors.

In 2005, The BC Boys Basketball Association (BCHSBBA) approached our Foundation to secure the first title sponsor for The B.C. AAA Boys High School Provincial Basketball Championships. From 2006 – 2009, TELUS served as title sponsor of The TELUS-BCHSBBA AAA Boys Provincial Basketball Championships. In 2010, both The B.C. Boys AAA and The B.C. Girls AAA High School Provincial Basketball Championships have been presented by TELUS. In 2013 TELUS announced a seventy-five thousand dollar ($75,000), annual commitment through our Foundation to serve as the presenting sponsor of the B.C. Junior and Senior High School Boys and Girls Provincial Basketball Championships for all tiers (A, AA, AAA, and where applicable AAAA).


In 2007, the Canada One Athletic Foundation’s SVP and former National Basketball Team member, Ron Putzi, and Founding Chairman, two-time Olympian and Canadian Basketball Hall of Fame Inductee (both Player/Builder) Howard Kelsey, donated funding to enable complete upgrades, including (Flexipave) resurfacing to the fabled Kitsilano Beach basketball courts. Looking to continue community contributions, but expand beyond basketball and into other positive community sports – and healthy living endeavors, MVBF was renamed in 2009 to: “The Canada One Athletic Foundation” and in 2009 launched “KitsFest” – which 15 years later would become “Vancouver’s #1 Sports & Arts Beach Festival”.

The Kitsilano Beach is considered the #1 beach in British Columbia which perfectly supports summer sports and our healthy living festival in the heart of Vancouver.

“Kits Beach” was rated by Forbes magazine as ‘one of the three sexiest beaches in North America’. KitsFest has enjoyed much success and community acceptance. The “Canada One Athletic Foundation” contributed to additional Kits Beach upgrades, including resurfacing of the (10) south Kits Beach tennis courts, the second resurfacing of both basketball courts including the installation of professional-grade “glass” backboards and other initiatives envisioned to dovetail with projected City / Park Board upgrades designed to enhance our beloved “Kits Beach”.

The Canada One Athletic Foundation was recognized with a Kitsilano Chamber of Commerce Westside Award of Distinction, as well as Sport B.C.’s President’s Award for outstanding contribution to sports (basketball) in our province.

Our Foundation’s motto is simply: “Under promise, over deliver”. We always look to support sport, kids and deserving coaches who embrace healthy-living/active-lifestyle initiatives. To quote one of our cherished associates: We simply “give where we live”.


H. Kelsey with Lulu Lemon Founder: Chip Wilson

Chip generously donated funds in support of Canada One’s Kitsfest and Kits Beach upgrades (without solicitation).

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