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Welcome to KitsFest!!

Thank you to all our partners, sponsors, athletes and YOU - our supporters, for making KitsFest Vancouver's hottest annual sports and healthy lifestyle festival! We've reinvested in community legacy upgrades in projects such as the Kits basketball, Kits tennis court renovations and Kits Beach palm trees. Let's continue to spread our passion for active living and healthy lifestyle and the amazing beauty of West Coast living!

If you wish to support this movement by volunteering or donating please contact us at the following

Pool A

Pool B

Pool C

Pool D

Joe Marino /

Sherman Kwok (A1)

Daniel Louko /

Mike Scholz (B1)

Denny Permian /

Elmer Estacio (C1)

Raymond Sze /

Grant Clark (D1)

Jeff Carrie /

Alex Bolongaro (A2)

Michael Riml /

Mark Hansen (B2)

Arnaud Besseyre /

Amir Hajbaba (C2)

Pom Klomjaroon /

Til Schlotter (D2)

Steve Groner /

Bill Wang (A3)

Philip O’Halloran /

Michael Henson (B3)

Denis Mednikov /

Lee Gulbranson (C3)

Dean Pothitos /

Maurico Virmond (D3)

Chris Temmerman /

Neil McClure (A4)

Terrance Little /

Steve Schaffrick (B4)

Peter Jordan /

Alex Cotic (C4)

Curtis Brain /

Darren Turecki (D4)

Men’s Saturday Bracket Match-Ups


Sat 12:45pm

Court 1 A1 vs A2                  Sherman Kwok/Joe Marino                              vs              Jeff Carrie/Alex Bolongaro

Court 5 A3 vs A4                  Steve Groner/Bill Wang                                     vs             C. Temmerman/Neil McClure

Court 2 B1 vs B2                  Daniel Louko/Mike Scholz                                vs              Michael Riml/Mark Hansen

Court 6 B3 vs B4                  Philip O’Halloran/Michael Henson                  vs               Terrance Little/Steve Schaffrick

Court 3 C1 vs C2                  Denny Permana/Elmer Estacio                        vs              Arnaud Besseyre/Amir Hajbaba

Court 7 C3 vs C4                  Denis Mednikov/Lee Gulbranson                    vs               Peter Jordan/Alex Cotic

Court 4 D1 vs D2                 Raymond Sze/Grant Clark                                vs              Pom Klomjaroon/Til Schlotter

Court 8 D3 vs D4                 Dean Pothitos/Maurico Virmond                     vs                Curtis Brain/Darren Turecki



Sat 3:15pm

Court 1 A1 vs A3                  Sherman Kwok/Joe Marino                              vs              Steve Groner/Bill Wang

Court 5 A2 vs A4                  Jeff Carrie/Alex Bolongaro                                vs              C. Temmerman/Neil McClure

Court 2 B1 vs B3                  Daniel Louko/Mike Scholz                                vs              P. O’Halloran/Michael Hanson

Court 6 B2 vs B4                  Michael Riml/Mark Hensen                              vs              Terrance Little/Steve Schaffrick

Court 3 C1 vs C3                  Denny Permana/Elmer Estacio                        vs              Denis Mednikov/L. Gulbranson

Court 7 C2 vs C4                  Arnaud Besseyre/Amir Hajbaba                      vs              Peter Jordan/Alex Cotic

Court 4 D1 vs D3                 Raymond Sze/Grant Clark                                vs              Dean Pothitos/M. Virmond

Court 8 D2 vs D4                 Pom Klomjaroon/Til Schlotter                          vs              Curtis Brain/Darren Turecki



Sat 4:30pm

Court 1 A1 vs A4                  Sherman Kwok/Joe Marino                              vs              C. Temmerman/Neil McClure

Court 5 A2 vs A3                  Jeff Carrie/Alex Bolongaro                                vs              Steve Groner/Bill Wang

Court 2 B1 vs B4                  Daniel Louko/Mike Scholz                                vs              Terrance Little/Steve Schaffrick

Court 6 B2 vs B3                  Michael Riml/Mark Hensen                              vs              P. O’Halloran/Michael Hanson

Court 3 C1 vs C4                  Denny Permana/Elmer Estacio                       vs              Peter Jordan/Alex Cotic

Court 7 C2 vs C3                  Arnaud Besseyre/Amir Hajbaba                      vs              Denis Mednikov/L. Gulbranson

Court 4 D1 vs D4                 Raymond Sze/Grant Clark                                vs              Curtis Brain/Darren Turecki

Court 8 D2 vs D3                 Pom Klomjaroon/Til Schlotter                         vs              Dean Pothitos/M. Virmond



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