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Welcome to KitsFest!!

Thank you to all our partners, sponsors, athletes and YOU - our supporters, for making KitsFest Vancouver's hottest annual sports and healthy lifestyle festival! We've reinvested in community legacy upgrades in projects such as the Kits basketball, Kits tennis court renovations and Kits Beach palm trees. Let's continue to spread our passion for active living and healthy lifestyle and the amazing beauty of West Coast living!

If you wish to support this movement by volunteering or donating please contact us at the following

Pool A

Pool B

Pool C

Pool D

Kris Kim /

Jackie Chan (A1)

Dawn Koop /

Leslie Silverwood (B1)

Julie Reynolds /

Kym Catliff (C1)

Lourdes Estacio /

Aliana Carlos (D1)

Forrest Phillips /

Palu Phillips (A2)

Alison Beeston /

Jessica Beeston (B2)

Janet Church /

Eileen Lavin (C2)

Deborah Ladler /

Kelly Metcalfe (D2)

Brenda Maclean /

Alison Rakis (A3)

Claudia Hayward /

Macy Cheung (B3)

Jacqueline Luft /

Michele Danelice (C3)

Sandra Davidson /

Heather Coxell (D3)

Karen Boodram /

Liz Jones (A4)

Lorna Simms /

Sandra Todd (B4)

Uli Webster /

Kathleen McVey (C4)

Gail Beeston /

Sheri Houle (D4)

Women’s Saturday Bracket Match-Ups

Sat 10am

Court 1 A1 vs A2                  Kris Kim/Jackie Chan                                        vs              Forrest Phillips/Palu Phillips

Court 5 A3 vs A4                  Brenda Maclean/Alison Rakis                         vs              Karen Boodram/Liz Jones

Court 2 B1 vs B2                  Dawn Koop/Leslie Silverwood                        vs              Alison Beeston/Jessica Beeston

Court 6 B3 vs B4                  Claudia Hayward/Macy Cheung                     vs              Lorna Simms/Sandra Tood

Court 3 C1 vs C2                  Julie Reynolds/Kym Catliff                               vs              Janet Church/Eileen Lavin

Court 7 C3 vs C4                  Jacqueline Luft/Michele Danelice                  vs              Uli Webster/Kathleen McVey

Court 4 D1 vs D2                 Lourdes Estacio/Aliana Carlos                        vs              Deborah Laidler/Kelly Metcalfe

Court 8 D3 vs D4                 Sandra Davidson/Heather Coxell                   vs              Gail Beeston/Sheri Houle



Sat 11:15am

Court 1 A1 vs A3                  Kris Kim/Jackie Chan                                        vs              Brenda Maclean/Alison Rakis

Court 5 A2 vs A4                  Forrest Phillips/Palu Phillips                           vs              Karen Boodram/Liz Jones

Court 2 B1 vs B3                  Dawn Koop/Leslie Silverwood                        vs              Claudia Haywood/Macy Cheung

Court 6 B2 vs B4                  Alison Beeston/Jessica Beeston                     vs              Lorna Simms/Sandra Todd

Court 3 C1 vs C3                  Jacquline Luft/Michele Danelice                     vs              Julie Reynolds/Kym Catliff

Court 7 C2 vs C4                  Janet Church/Eileen Lavin                               vs              Ui Webster/Kathleen McVey

Court 4 D1 vs D3                 Sandra Davidson/Heather Coxell                   vs              Lourdes Estacio/Aliana Carlos

Court 8 D2 vs D4                 Deborah Laider/Kelly Metcalft                        vs              Gail Beeston/Sheri Houle



Sat 2pm

Court 1 A1 vs A4                  Kris Kim/Jackie Chan                                        vs              Karen Boodram/Liz Jones

Court 5 A2 vs A3                  Forrest Phillips/Palu Phillips                           vs              Brenda Maclean/Alison Rakis

Court 2 B1 vs B4                  Dawn Koop/Leslie Silverwood                       vs              Lorna Simms/Sandra Todd

Court 6 B2 vs B3                  Allison Beeston/Jessica Beeston                    vs              Claudia Hayward/Macy Cheung

Court 3 C1 vs C4                  Julie Reynolds/Kym Catliff                               vs              Uli Webster/Kathleen McVey

Court 7 C2 vs C3                  Jacqueline Luft/Michele Danelice                   vs              Janet Church/Eileen Lavin

Court 4 D1 vs D4                 Lourdes Estacio/Aliana Carlos                        vs              Gail Beeston/Sheri Houle

Court 8 D2 vs D3                 Sandra Davidson/Heather Coxell                   vs              Deborah Laidler/Kelly Metcalfe



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